Our mission is to provide efficient, centralized, and cost effective municipal engineering services to the citizens, as well as other divisions and departments of the city. Furthermore, we intend to be good stewards of public resources in order to enhance the quality of life in the City of Marion.

We direct, manage, supervise and coordinate the activities and operations of the Engineering Services Division with the Public Works Department including oversight of all Engineering Services.

The Engineering Department has 2 full time personnel and 1 consulting agent. The department shares a secretary with the Planning department. In the past the department had a staff of 5 people and a secretary. The 2 full time personnel also provide duties to the Planning department and Building department.

We hope that the following will show you that the efforts of this department far extend above the personnel what we have and that each employee is willing to do what ever is necessary to work with other departments no matter what the situation is.

Major patching repairs
Pavement markings
Preventative maintenance
Tree removal and planting
Curb and sidewalk repairs and replacement
Permitting and inspection for street cuts,driveway entrances, and other activities on the Right-of Way.

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City Hall

Maintains maps of city streets and borders
Answer questions about roadway specifications
Keep up-to-date records of:

  • Signs
  • Pavement markings
  • Traffic signals
  • Traffic counts (vehicles per day)

Receive and investigate complaints
Take action on complaints when necessary and proper.
Cooperate with other City Department on projects where Engineering Department resources are needed.

MS4 operator as designated by IDEM

  • Review submitted drawings for Erosion Control oversight.
  • Provide inspections for sites that permitted use by MS4.
  • Submit quarterly and annual reports to IDEM on bmp's and erosion control.
  • Planning Department Coordination

    • Supply assistance to the Planning Department with mapping.
    • Supply assistance to the Planning Department with duel roles for inspection an oversight of jobs submitted to the department.

    Other Government Agencies

    • Work with the Indianan Department of Transportation on local issues such as State roads through the city.
    • Cooperate with the Grant County Highway Department on bridge work and where city streets and county roads intersect.

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