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Mayor-Elect Announces New Chiefs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Mayor-Elect Announces Angela Haley as Police Chief, Geoffrey Williams as Fire Chief in the New Year

MARION, IN: (December 16, 2015) – Mayor-elect Jess Alumbaugh has appointed new leadership in public safety as he shapes his administration for the City of Marion which launches on January 1st, 2016.

Press Release: Mayor-Elect Jess Alumbaugh Assembles Core Team.

To enjoy the Press Release "Mayor-Elect Jess Alumbaugh Assembles Core Team in Flynn, Perez:" please click

Mayor Alumbaugh Assembles Core Team

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Mayor-Elect Jess Alumbaugh Assembles Core Team in Flynn, Perez: Mayor–Elect Jess Alumbaugh is pleased to announce the first two appointments of his administration will be Chief of Staff Michael D. Flynn and Director of Development Services Jonathan M. Perez

Marion Completes the 1st Phase of Blight Elimination

To enjoy the Press Release "Marion Completes the 1st Phase of Blight Elimination" please click

Road Closure: Oct 26 ,2016

Marion Utilities will be will be closing Miller Ave. from S.R. 18 to 9th St. The road will be closed starting Monday Oct. 26th

2015 Leaf Pickup

2015 Leaf Pickup Schedule

10/26 - Mon/Tues
11/2 - Wed/Thurs
11/9 - Fri/Mon
11/16 - Tues/Wed
11/23 - Rover
11/30 - Thurs/Fri

*Bagged leaves will only be picked up in PAPER yard waste bags. No PLASTIC bags will be picked up. There will be no leaf pickup on holidays. (questions? Call 668-4450) Thank you.

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