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If you are a habitual drug user, you may be at risk of failing the test because there will be higher concentration of it in your body system. If on the other hands that you are an occasional user, you could pass the test. You will bear this at the back of your mind before you proceed with the test. Other factors affect drug concentration in your body.

Drug concentration level will assist you in working out the remedies you take to pass that test.

Body activities determine the concentration. Another thing that can affect the concentration in your body system includes the body hydration level, the body metabolic activities, and your general health.

Positive attitudes to help you pass the test

The best way to pass that test is when there are no traces of such drugs in your body system. If you have the privilege of knowing when that test will happen, then you can take advance step to deal with that problem. Chances are there that you do not have an advance knowledge of when that test is to come up. Here are some positive attitudes that can assist you in passing that drug test. If you were using drugs then you can stop using it if you are in the job market searching for job. Furthermore, you must discontinue the use of drugs if you are already on a probation. Furthermore, if your job is such that requires frequent drug test, then you must abstain from drug use.

Avoid use dilute samples

Using dilute samples is not recommended because it can affect the drug metabolites concentration. This may imply putting fluid to the sample, you want to use for that test. If you read some online information, this method could be recommended. It is not always the best thing to do. Drug test laboratories have identified this trick and that is why they can always test for dilution.

If you add liquid to the urine, it will affect the temperature. When that becomes the case, it could be easily detected by laboratories and this will not be good for the type of results you want to achieve here.

Do not drink excess water

Some people may recommend that you drink an excess amount of water before the test. While you need water to stay alive, you do not need to drink excessively to scale through the test. When you drink excessively, it can alter the urine test and that will be suspicious. Apart from that, if you drink water excessively, it could trigger other negative conditions that can even cause your life. Do not do anything that could lead to your being suspected or what lead to you bringing other samples. That can attract unnecessary attention, which is not good for the purpose that you want to achieve.

Provide a well-hydrated sample

When you are providing samples for the test, you have to produce a well-hydrated sample. Before you provide that sample, ensure that it is not your first urination. To provide the optimal urine sample you can observe the following. Ensure that you take about 3 to4 glasses of water in the morning that you will do the test.

Secondly, ensure that you urinate as least two to three times before you donate that sample. It is important that you allow your body system to do away with these chemicals before collecting samples you want to use for that test. Before you collect the samples, it will be a good idea of you take caffeinated soda or you take coffee. This is good because it will help your body system in flushing away those toxins in the body system.

Avoid substituting samples

Many online blogs could advise you to substitute your sample with a synthetic one. First, that is defrauding and it is a crime. If you are caught while doing that, you will be in serious trouble. Furthermore, some of the synthetic samples have problems and this could even complicate the problem for you. Consider the risk involved in that before you embark on such an action.

The most difficult challenge with this kind of urine is that the temperature variation may not be there. Urines kept in the store are not the same as those that come out of the body system. If it is not well preserved, it can alter the urine quality. The worst aspect of that it that some of the so-called synthetics do not eventually pass the drug test. Because of these factors, you must ensure that you use the correct urine for the test to avoid the problems that could follow when you use the wrong one. Avoid drugs when you pass that test.

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If you pass that test, do not use drugs immediately. You should take sometimes before you can use drugs again. In some cases, those who ordered that test may demand a retest. You must take your time before you take drugs again. You must ensure that authorities accept your tests. If you are retest is ordered, you can be in a position to pass it.

Passing hair follicle test

Another type of tests you could be asked to go is the hair follicle test. Drugs can migrate from other parts of the body especially the blood stream and the hair follicles. When you have used the drug, it can stay there for seven months and even more than that. This test is more accurate than the urine test. If the aim of the test is to determine the accuracy then this test can be ordered by the parole officer or by your employers.

To test for hair follicles, certain strands of the hair can be collected from different parts of the body. Your body will not be touched and hair can be collected from any part of the body. For that test, at least 1.5 inches of the head hair can be used for that. This type of test is not perfect for single drug use. When it is ordered, it can be for multiple drug use. The aim of that test is to determine the heavy drug use as well as long-term drug use. For the occasional drug use, this method is not effective in determining their drug use.

When do drugs get to the hair?

Drugs do not enter the hair follicle fast. It can take at least five days before it gets there. If you are a habitual user, it can remain in the body system for many months. Because of the variations in use, it is common for companies to order for short-term drug use which urine test is meant for and long term drug use which hair follicle test is meant for.

Saliva test

This test is for short-term use of drugs. If parole wants to know whether you have used drugs for the last one to two or three hours, they can order saliva test. It can even detect drug use for the past few days. This method is becoming very popular because of obvious reasons. First is that the method is not invasive. It is therefore not difficult to do. Secondly, the test is much convenient to do. The third thing about thing is that it is cost effective.

This kind of test is capable of detecting the kind of drugs that can be detected through the bloodstream. The detection time is for drugs taken within the past 4 days or slightly above that. It is not the best test for general drug-related behavior. Usually, those who are interested or who are in charge of impairment often recommend this test. It is usually prescribed for commercial truck drivers and so on.

How to pass the test

The best way to pass any test is to refrain from using such drugs. For this test, which is for short drug use, it is good that you stop taking these drugs for the next 2 to 3 days if you want to go through this test. Usually, this test is done at the laboratory and because of that, it is not easy for people to bring samples to substitute it since laboratory workers will be there to monitor you bring out the samples. This test does not involve any privacy like the urine sample. It can be done in the open. When you are bringing out that sample, the lab attendant will watch you.

This test is also easy to pass and it involves using a good solution to rinse your mouth. You can do the rinsing with mouthwash, beverages as well as food. Drinking, eating, as well as reliance on mouthwash to clean your mouth and teeth, could produce temporary effect for this kind of test. Because of that, authorities may demand that you abstain from eating, drinking as well as washing your mouth until they are through with that test.

This is another type of test. This test is not common as it is not usually used for employment and law enforcement or the military does not routinely demand for this type of test. This is not done like other tests and it is only health experts that can do that test. This is because it involves some samples of your blood. Only medical doctors or laboratories scientists that can take your blood because they are trained on how to take such samples and they know how to handle those samples when they take it.

It is important that you know that the aim of testing for this is different from others. You should expect that the test would be more tedious than other types of tests so far decided. You need to detox your bloodstream ensure that remnants of the drugs are removed from your body system.